Tuesday, July 15, 2008


"Only weak thinkers fear strong images. The publication that convenes itself as a polite dinner party, serving only strained polenta and pureed peas, need not invite me to sup."

Jack Shafer, slate.com, "The New Yorker Draws Fire"

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Eric said...

It was particularly insightful that

"he identified taking umbrage as 'this year's hottest campaign tactic.'"

OK, so we all get offended from time to time. Tougher up, deal with it. It is getting quite old already.

Living where I live, I found the cover to be particularly wonderful. I have heard every one of those characatures from people in my parish or friends in the community. "Obama is a Muslim" "Obama is anti-America" "Obama is a terrorist trying to take over America" "Obama is trying to make America a Muslim nation instead of a Christian nation."

What is even more astounding is I am sure that cover will become, around here "a campaign poster for the right."

I is simply amazing what our country has become.