Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 2. A Long Walk to Nowhere

Sorry, not many pics today.

We thought we would go over to the Westside Market today, so we walked over a bridge with a highway and huge trucks barrelling past us.

We got over there. Found the market. It's closed. I was kind of irritated. So we're going to try again tomorrow.

3.5 miles - ok, I'm tired and I think my head got burnt some more.

So I worked on finishing my curriculum stuff the rest of the afternoon. Evan went geocaching for awhile.

We went to an Irish pub a couple blocks away for dinner. Evan had shepherd's pie and I had fish and chips. Very good. We sat and read for awhile. Evan read Ullyses, of course.

Tomorrow, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (hopefully with Paul and Tiffany), Westside Market, and a Rejuvinating Hand Treatment at the Spa downstairs. I've never had a manicure so we'll see.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cleveland Day 1

Progressive field is only 4-5 blocks away.
We get to our seats and it is FREEZING because we're in the shade the entire time. It was a school day - so we had these hordes of kids in our section getting up and down the entire time. We moved down with the people behind us for awhile to sit in the sun where some lady asked us to move because the kids with her were supposed to be coming. I said, "Ok," and smiled. I would get up when they actually got there. The lady next to me totally gave her dirty looks and we started talking. If they can't sit in their seats and watch the game then surely I can keep warm for a little while.
Here we are finally in the sun. The kids still wouldn't sit down but we were warm.
The Indians lost 6 to 5. Oh well, it was still fun. And after all that we ended up with sunburns!
On the way back to the hotel, we went geocaching in an old cemetery. We found two different caches in there, and I always like visiting old graveyards like this.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday in Cleveland Ohio

"Who is this Utta?" from Urban Legends, BIO channel

Well, we made it to Cleveland and it is cold!  We're staying at the Hyatt Regency downtown.  It is about a mile from Jacob's (Progressive) Field, and a part of the Arcade.  The Cleveland Public Library appears to be right across the street. We're going to check that out before we leave.

Right now we're sitting in bed, both on our Facebook pages playing the dot game. Chatting.  Watching Urban Legends on some channel I've never heard of. 

We stopped outside Columbus at a weird little Max&Erma's.  It was this strange 70's Gobbler-esque building with a roof that covered about 3/4 of the building.  We got their pretzel stick appetizers, which were really good.  Then we got the fresh chocolate chip cookies before we left.  As you may know, Evan does not eat dessert, but he has a weakness for chocolate chip cookies.  Mmmm. . . 

We bought some T-shirts for the game tomorrow but as cold and windy as it was tonight, I'm afraid we're going to be freezing.  We'll take some pics tomorrow.  Until then . . . 

Saturday, May 03, 2008

In a world of hawks and doves, is there room for a cardinal?