Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone!

I found this little gem from the past and so I'm sending it to everyone I love. I'm not particularly fond of Valentine's Day, because of it's misplaced emphasis (like Mother's and Father's Day) upon spending money and effort for what you should be doing anyway. But since Evan informed me today that there actually was a Saint Valentine, I'll let it pass. You'll never believe this, but I never was boy crazy. Now you know why. The only way I know this is from 4th grade is that I am wearing glasses. (That was the same year my Halloween costume fell off in front of an entire classroom of 4th grade boys. Don't ask.) I made the blouse that I'm wearing for 4-H. I was such a nerd -- and it actually got worse.

I'm so glad Evan married me.


Mom said...

I'm so glad Evan married you too and I'm even more glad you've always been my own special little nerdy Valentine. But who says it got worse?

Evan and Julia said...

Having read my post, Evan has also informed me that I am actually only 40% nerdy. He is far nerdier than that. Of course I had to take an online test to find that out. With some disdain he has designated me a "pop" nerd. :)

mfisteach said...

WOW--I so admire you. What a great Valentine! Now, I have never been a big V-day celebrator either, but I believe it doesn't hurt to take these special "Halmark" holidays and remember those most important in our lives. I also, am so glad Evan married you---in the sister-in-law department, I couldn't be luckier

your father in law said...

Wish I could have participated in V Day. We were snowed in and I was sick. Jan just came in with three bags of valentines. I may get luck and get one. She is unlucky in that I haven't made the after V Day sale yet.

Now who is the nerd

Anonymous said...

julia! i laughed outloud when i saw this picture!! (in a good way, of course)
you should see my 4th grade picture...we SO would have been friends.

Evan and Julia said...

Did you just say "I may get lucky and get some"? Way to go!

Scott Williams said...

SWEET Picture Julia!! and way to go father-in-law. On the flip-side I think Evan married up not the other way around.

kr said...

Julia, look how much attention you've garnered with that "awful" picture. Just think what they would say if they could see your gorgeous ones!

Anonymous said...

you are so my hero. i love this picture and your nerd-confessions. we've all got them. femullet anyone? that's where i was in fourth grade. (michelle)

Evan and Julia said...

Michelle --
can I just tell you, I honestly had not heard the word "femullet" until you used it and then I just heard it again today. I love it! I never was priveliged to sport the femullet, but I did have cousins who had permullets. (I just made this up, but you know, perms in the back) I can just imagine how those femullets were all the rage in Bad Ax in those day. Ahh, those were the days . . . Of course, we always thought that our manager at Beacon Hill had what we termed "TransAm hair," but we didn't have the courage to tell him. He was a nice guy. But it was 1999! Anyway! It was great to see you at M7. Too long since we've seen each other! jfr

Joyce Collins said...

This looks like a little girl I would have absolutely enjoyed having as a daughter!!!!! :?)
We miss you guys! It is fun to get on the blogs once in a while and catch up! I posted several of my pictures of me as a kid on my slideshow at www.myspace.com/rejoicewithjoyce

IBZIM said...


I just think you look hot. I would have given you one of those notes:

Do you like me?
Curses to all you girls who put maybe. Easy way out.