Thursday, November 02, 2006

This Is a Casting Call for One Thing

What that one thing is I don't know. What I do know is that I received one forwarded email this morning and it sparked my interest. How one email sparks interest, I'll never know, especially considering it was a forward. You've all gotten one before. I know you have. You delete it, or ack, you read it. Some of you do something even worse, you forward it to everyone you know. That one becomes many. Some of you, and I among you on this one, think yourselves discerning and read it. Then, again thinking yourself discerning, you choose one among many forwards to forward and maybe you only forward that one to only one other.

All of that to say, today I recieved one that sparked in me the idea for "One Thing." This will be a post theme for our blog. Occasionally when I find an appropriate "One Thing" I will post it under that heading here on this blog.

So, without further discussion, here is the One Thing that caught my breath today. It is an artist by the name of Peter Callesen. Apparently he makes things with One sheet of paper. So, enjoy. If you would like to see more of Peter Callesen's work visit him here. If you come across One Thing that catches your eye, email me at or comment here.


Anonymous said...

This is incredible. Thanks for sharing.

mfisteach said...

WOW, How cool is that! We had a resident artist come to our classroom last week. She shared the art of Julian Beever with us---here is the link:

It is an amazing concept--look carefully at how the art is produced and viewed.

Evan and Julia said...

I saw the Beever stuff. Check it out from the opposing perspective. It really is very cool!