Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's Been Too Long

Almost a month goes by without a word. There's been a week long class with too much reading, Julia gone a week without me, and last week I caught up to her and spent a week on vacation. What a glorious, loud (after all we were with my family), crazy week it was. I took the train and met Julia and her parents in Galesburg, IL. I had never ridden the train before, though they have. It was uncomfortable overnight withougt a real pillow and blanket, but all in all, not a bad experience. It was good to go to a water park with two of my nephews; I really wish everyone could've gone, but alas, there was work and fear of water and stuff they'd rather do. It was good to see all of my nephews, though. I wish we lived closer.

Julia and I did discover something. It is a truth. It is a fact within time that takes on both subject and object in a balancing act that is guarded by "good" and communicated by "beauty." It is right up there with one truth that my brother-in-law taught me, "Life's too short for cheap toilet paper." It is the fact that one does, in fact, need a vacation from vacation. We were exhausted and so (write this on something more permanent than a blog) we took an extra night and got a hotel in Tulsa, Ok. That's right, spent money we didn't have to make sure we weren't so tired the next day, and it worked.

We arrived at about 7:00 pm in Tulsa and ordered pizza, hot tubbed, watched television, and hung out. The next morning we got up, had a huge breakfast, and went home. It worked. Imagine that. So, this will be our vacation practice from now on in order to ensure a vacation from a vacation. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Hey. How are you guys doing? I read your blog all the time and am so happy to see an update!


Scott Williams said...

Glad for the great vacation! Nice to see the update.