Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Something Called Pioneer Days

Guymon captures (and perhaps holds hostage) its "No Man's Land" identity in a celebration called Pioneer Days. There's a Dodge Rodeo, carnival, craft fair, and a parade. Now this might sound innocent enough, but there's something about the parade that everyone should know. This is not a normal sort of thing that happens at every parade, in fact it is not just for mere knowledge that I'm telling you all this. It is so that you will lock up your children, cover their eyes and don't stand too close to the road. For that matter, do not even come out in public without the ability to ward off the greatest of fears. At any moment, something horrifying could happen. Protect those you love, because the longhorns are coming.

You see, someone, at some point in time thought it would be a good idea to drive several head of cattle through the downtown during the parade. Now, granted I can't speak of no incident of violence this has caused, but it frightens me nonetheless. I have included a few pictures so that those of you who do not know or have not been to Guymon may see the insanity that is a cattle drive through the streets.


Scott Williams said...

You can take 'em Evan! Don't let that steak scare ya!

IBZIM said...

I believe this is Guymon's sick subtle answer to RUNNING OF THE BULLS. Maybe you should get a group of people all jazzed up on adrenaline out in front of the herd and just take off a runnin'.