Sunday, November 13, 2005

Our Cat Vegas

I would never have thought we'd have a cat. In fact, Julia and I historically are anti-cat. That is to say, we would never deny their existence as one of God's created creatures, but we also wouldn't go out of our way to be around one. I've personally always seen a cat's demeanor as stuck-up constructs of their owner's personalities. Cat's have always been animals for the more elitist pet owner. Until, of course, that pet owner accumulates more than 2 and 1/2 cats at which time the elitist pet owner becomes . . . well, creepy! Anyway, this summer, my wife and I discovered that we actually like a cat. His name is Vegas. It keeps in the current theme of pet names (our greyhound's name is Chance). And I like Las Vegas. He is a particularly friendly cat. All this to say that even the most set-against folk can change. You just have to find a cat they can bet on.

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Heart Of Darkness said...


Stumbled onto your blog, and found this picture of the endearing kitten on it!
I'd never been a cat-person myself until I got my first cat, and even although for a while, we all though he was The Prince of Darkness (trust me, you don't want to know why), we fell in love with him so much... it's surprising how much a pet becomes a family memeber, and how soon!

I hope Vegas is treating you well - otherwise, it's a very cat-like quality not to give a damn... :)

Take care