Saturday, March 07, 2009

On this eve, sincere thanks, Dr. Drury.

Since this is my last Sunday at Parkview . . . I guess it's appropriate that Keith Drury just recently posted on the "Roles for 'The Preacher's Wife,'" on his blog. I find it rather amusing in a scarily-so-true kind of way -- especially the Ordained staff member and Parallel pastors types.
Hello. My name is Julia Roat-Abla. I am a Parallel Pastor.

His writing was in response to this . . . as gratingly frustrating as this is . . . at least they're honest about it. I absolutely love how honest they are, clearly stating, ". . .registration for the conference, housing, and meals are available only to men." (emphasis added) Apparently the ladies may not even room with their husbands during the conference. However, Moody does not leave the pastor's wives entirely out in the cold, as, "Pastors' wives may attend the general sessions (not breakout sessions). . . ." Um . . . thanks? I'm just wondering exactly these breakout sessions include. A Finnish steam bath, perhaps?


Marsha said...

Interesting and enlightening...I enjoyed reading "Roles for the Preacher's Wife". I have sat under each type. The "Moody" thing--I say--WHAT????? Julia--you are a pastor. You are called to the ministry as is your husband. I am proud of that fact and that you BOTH are being ALLOWED (for lack of a better word) to serve. SOMEDAY the Church will "get it". Until then, someone has to blaze the trail.

Eric + said...

happy new job day!

Anonymous said...

You posted a comment on “Biblical Nazarenes”, you do know that the blog is a spoof right?