Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Surprises

I love Christmas surprises. You know the ones I mean. They are the ones that give us a true understanding of grace. Good Christmas surprises teach us that stuff just isn’t all that important. Last week I got an email out of the blue from an old friend who just happened to remember me while he rummaged through an old box of toys. Ben then called me later in the day.

Ben and I were pretty much best friends. We would walk home from school together. We played GI Joe. We watched the GI Joe animated movie. We sneaked around as though we were some sort of Special Forces team shooting at cars with our toy assault rifles. I worked his paper route when he went on vacation. We even threw rocks at cars and then hid behind a fence at the church (don’t try that at home). Ben reminded me of a time over at Pierre Moran mall, across the street from my house. We ran into some bigger kids on skateboards. After we did something to annoy them, they chased us all around the mall. I hope there are more fun stories to remember as time goes by.

I love remembering people and the things we did in the past. I had a good childhood and so it’s easy. For some, I know, it’s not as easy. Have you ever received a call, visit, or letter from someone you’ve not heard from in a while? Do you have any good stories from your childhood?


your dad said...

Many times. More than I can remember. Those were often the calls that pushed me over the edge of move out...take the insane...become the radical Christian I needed to be.

I miss him...He died a few years ago...strange place...seated at the back of the funeral home assisting with another's grief...fell forward and was dead before he hit the floor.

The funeral went one knew what had happened except the director and his assistance. I miss him...his voice...his insults...his encouragement...I miss him.

He taught me grace...because I had to have so much of it to deal with him.

Always, answer the phone, it could be the last one you receive from that one whom you take for granted...they may be looking for some more grace.

Please excuse the tear blot on this sheet.

your dad said...

Director and assistants.

please correct.

Marsha said...

OK Dad--
I am sitting here not with tears, but crying out loud---know what---I miss him too and who is was to you---best friends survive the boundaries of time, distance and life experiences. Your friendship with Howard was, for lack of a more expressive word, extraordinary--once in a lifetime. We should all be so fortunate.
Your daughter (the blogger's sister),