Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Problem of Evil

DOB: Jul 22, 1998Missing: Aug 24, 2006Age Now: 8Sex: FemaleRace: White/HispHair: BlackEyes: BrownHeight: 4'3" (130 cm)Weight: 55 lbs (25 kg)Missing From:GUYMONOKUnited States
Llesenia (Llesi) is a little girl we knew once . We tried to be her pastors. We visited her in the hospital when she was sick. She came to VBS. She worshiped with us on Sunday morning.
But apparently, Llesenia is forgotten. She is missing. We don't know now whether she is dead or alive. As if we didn't really know where she was already. . .
All because the people -- the lawyers, the judges, the parent, the social workers who were supposed to protect this little one's life -- have valued their own time, careers and concerns over hers.
Llesenia suffers (or suffered) from the washing of hands. An entire nation of Pontius Pilate's.
"It's not our fault!" says the faceless system organized to disperse guilt.
"Who is to blame?" they ask incredulously throwing up their fists of paperwork.
Is it the perverse pedophile from whom she may have contracted a deadly disease upon her return to her mother's home?
Or some other violent boyfried who gave her scars on her head and her knee?
Or the arrogantly pious mother who only showed affection at the child's hospital bedside?
Or is it the Texas County, OK judge who tossed this child dismissively from chaos to love and back to a terrorized existence once again?
Or was it the State of Oklahoma's social worker who preserved the biological "family" at any cost?
I feel the guilt of this child's life and, perhaps, death, because at some level she needed salvation. Not merely the salvation of her soul -- but the salvation of her very life. And maybe I didn't pray enough for it. For I know I never fought hard enough or spoken loud enough or preached long enough to ever make a difference.
I knew her and I knew what was going wrong. What could I have done?


Scott Williams said...

The tormented soul of one who cares for others is both a curse and a blessing. It's a curse becuase it reminds us of what we could have done, but it's a blessing because it reminds us of what we should do. May your heart continually be stirred toward those who need your touch and may it experience the peace that only God can give.

Anonymous said...

Paul says that "the whole creation has been groaning in labor pains . . . and not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit" (Romans 8:22-23). I think there's got to be something wrong with a "Christian" who doesn't hurt when those around him/her hurt, who doesn't groan when those around him/her experience suffering and evil. We should all groan for the redemption of creation.

I prayed for Llesenia today, and I prayed for everyone who was involved in her case and in her life, both positively and negatively.

You commented on one of my post a few weeks ago about the probably of evil in the world and explaining it. I agree; it's downright hard as hell.

Joyce Collins said...

One thing I know, my friend, is that you were Jesus to her! Keep being His vessel as you have been doing. Remember, Nothing we do In Christ is in vain!

John said...

From one insider to another, justice (outside of a true Christian context) is a farce as it relates to the least of these in our society. I mourn for Llesi and I also feel that more should have been said and done on her behalf. So many times we cower away from the "authorities" that exist around us and believe that they have the best understanding of issue (or at least we want to believe that they care) that come before them. However, particularly in OK, the family first practice of DHS fails the child so often. May we boldly stand up and cry "Foul!" when it is necessary. God bless brother.

Troy said...

Why do we so often do that? I can certainly relate to your feeling that "I should have done more". However, the truth is that you did everything you humanly knew to do for Llesenia. For knowing you, if there would have been more to do, you certainly would have done it. I am convinced that the people who ask themselves later, "what more could I have done?" are sensitive enough that at the time, if there could have been more done, would have done more, if that makes sense.

Unfortunately, as I too have experienced, we live in a fallen world, and a flawed system. And because of that reality, we will have the pain of knowing that someone we have loved is no longer safe or protected and the system that was intended to do that quit working on their behalf. Not to minimize the reality of Llesenia but the truth is that this happens to countless thousands of children every year.

So what are we to do? Continue being Jesus to those we come into contact with. Continue to find ways of working with the systems that are to protect children so that they are held more accountable and so they know that we are for them and for the children. Be a voice for children everywhere. As a wise man once said, "Do all the good you can as long as ever you can."

Anonymous said...

She has been found, also sibblings. She is recouperating from medical needs, or the lack of. Continue to pray for her and those in her life, although the 'System' fails, there are those of us do care, and will always care, please remember, Always Support Foster Care!! Our family has three more members, and will love them as we did 2 years ago, this time all three are together! They Will Be With Us For A Long Time, God Willing!

Ella said...

I dont think this is right at all you guys shouldnt even be talking about my family this way when not even you know the real truth....and also you say my mother was only by my sisters bedside when she was sick you are very wrong and just because you are pastors that does not mean shit.......... get my point and even if my sister is back to freaken DHS custody that does not mean anything only the fact that all you assholes are messing up her life you might say my mother did not love us but i know one fact that she will love us more than any of you would ever love your own damn child....and if you can tell me wrong from this comment besides what i just posted and a bit of profaity then e-mail me @ and if you write this about a family and have no remorse whatso ever then i would not ever consider you a good Cristian Family and that is coming from a person that has gone through hell and back not like you..... so think about the crap that you have done to a family when they did nothing to you but open their hearts...... hope you like my comment.